Unusual experiences on the Soca River

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Soca canyoning

Soca canyoning

The Soca River it known for its comprehensive offer of various activities and experiences, especially suitable for adrenaline seeking tourists. Beside the typical rafting and kayaking tours, there is so much more to see, try, and love. The best place to start is Bovec, the town that offers the most for tourists.


The first thing to try might be hydrospeed. Bovec offers this just as readily as rafting and kayaking, for it is a very attractive adventurous activity. It combines the thrills of many other activities – it offers close connection to the river, quick and dynamic floating along with the flow, and all the features of group-friendly activities that excite families and friends. For hydrospeed, Bovec has multiple offers and providers, all of which have trustworthy guides and perfect plans for unforgettable tours. Above all, it is an unusual experience that will stay in the memory and call you back for years to come. Without hydrospeed, Bovec would certainly be a bit more boring place.


Soca canyoning is not that unusual, it is, after all, just as popular and frequently promoted as other common activities. But it is still a bit detached from all the bustle on the river. That’s because Soca canyoning is really done in the canyons of the tributaries, not the River Soca itself. That makes for a unique impression that can enrich the experience of the adventurous tourists. It is certainly not usual to embark on an exploratory adventure down the canyons of an unknown stream. There will be many obstacles on the way, all natural, challenging, and intriguing. They are fun to overcome, they combine swimming, climbing, jumping, even tobogganing down the natural slides. Soca canyoning is the best choice for those convinced they had tried it all!