The Soca river will surprise you

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Soca river rafting

Soca river rafting

The Soca river is among the most famous sights in Slovenia. It attracts countless visitors with it’s mesmerizing color and lively flow, surrounded by a pristine alpine valley. That’s reason enough to visit the place, but there is a lot more that Soca has to offer. If you enjoy spending your time outside, you will find a whole variety of options.

Soca river kayak

Kayaking is among the most popular activities here, with the river offering a perfect course. It’s really ideal for all kinds of kayakers, from complete beginners to professionals that have the option to train and compete on set courses. In every case, Soca river kayak is the experience that will impress. Get used to the high standard, both with the scenic surroundings and the services of the agencies that facilitate the activity. In every case, you can expect all-inclusive experience for a low price. If you’re experienced enough and have you own equipment and transport, you will be completely free to enjoy Soca river kayak as you wish, while the beginners have their options in towns on the riverbanks that offer guided tours and kayak schools.

Soca river rafting

Rafting can be even more impressive. It’s frequently more thrilling and more demanding, even for the beginners. It’s also completely safe, as long as you book a tour led by a professional guide. In every case, Soca river rafting will present the best sights of the river and the surroundings, all the while entertaining you with thrilling challenges on water. There are many other reasons to look into Soca river rafting, which are also the reasons this activity consistently ranks on top of the list of the most popular activities on the Soca river in the summer months.