Something new for your vacations

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Rafting Soča

When you finally get some days off of your job, it feels nice to just lie back and relax, waiting for the inevitable end of your free time. People that relate to this experience will find it hard to believe that some actually prefer to spend their vacations active, maybe even seeking out new adventures to try! If that’s the case, some options will provide the best possible experience.

Novelty is a great thing, especially when we mean novel experiences and pair those with a newly discovered place. Maybe that’s why many tourists choose Slovenia for their next adventure vacations. Specifically, Slovenia has the Soča river, actually the whole Soča valley with the town of Bovec as its unofficial capital. Many adventures can be found there, even some completely new!

It’s the best place for canyoning – Bovec, Slovenia, can offer attractive canyons that will ensure a unique experience unlike anything other. Not only are the courses challenging due to the natural attractions, it’s also a great way of sightseeing! So instead of strolling around and taking in the beauty, go canyoning! Bovec, Slovenia, is situated in the heart of the scenic Soča valley, so it can offer breath-taking views and unforgettable experiences. And not only with canyoning, Bovec, Slovenia, has other adventures on offer as well.

If you don’t want to leave the scenic river, go rafting. Soča is the perfect river for that! Rafting Soča river will guide you across a variety of dynamic sections, even across white-water rapids, or you can choose a more peaceful, scenic tour. There’s so much to choose from if you’re into rafting, Soča will provide the best possible ambient and great conditions to meet every taste. That’s why it’s popular even with the adventurers that already experienced rafting before.